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Reply Class Reference

#include <Reply.h>

Inheritance diagram for Reply:

Datagram ICMPReply TCPReply

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Detailed Description

Abstract class which defines the format of a reply.

Definition at line 10 of file Reply.h.

Public Types

enum  reply_type {
 Type of a reply.

Public Member Functions

void addHeader (Header *h)
void dump ()
void dumpRaw ()
HeadergetHeader (int index)
virtual int getID ()=0
virtual int getID2 ()=0
virtual int getID3 ()=0
int getIPId ()
virtual uint32 * getMPLSLabelStack ()=0
virtual int getMPLSNbrLabels ()=0
virtual uint8 getMPLSTTL ()=0
int getNbrHeaders ()
virtual uint32 getOriginalDestAddress ()=0
virtual int getOriginalProtocol ()=0
virtual int getOriginalTTL ()=0
virtual int getProcId ()=0
virtual int getResetID ()=0
uint32 getSourceAddress ()
uint8 getTTL ()
virtual int getType ()=0
bool IPOptions ()
void packData (uint8 *data, int length, int offset)
virtual bool resetRequired ()=0
void setData (const uint8 *data, int length)

Static Public Member Functions

static ReplyreplyFactory (const uint8 *packet, int packet_len)

Public Attributes

uint8 * data
int data_length
int proc_id

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