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void IP4Header::packPseudo ( uint16  dgram_len,
uint8 *  data,
int  data_len,
int  offset 

TrException There isn't enough place in the array data to hold the pseudo header

Definition at line 315 of file IP4Header.cc.

References getDestAddress(), getProtocol(), getSourceAddress(), Util::write32(), and Util::writebe16().

Referenced by UDPProbe::UDPProbe().

  uint8* ptr = data + offset;

  // Check if the data structure can contain the IP pseudo header
  if (offset + 12 > data_len)
    throw TrException(str_log(ERROR, "Not enough space in data array"));

  // Create the pseudo header
  memset(ptr, 0, 12);
  Util::write32(ptr, 0, getSourceAddress());
  Util::write32(ptr, 4, getDestAddress());
  ptr[9] = getProtocol();
  Util::writebe16(ptr, 10, dgram_len);

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