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IP4Header Class Reference

#include <Header.h>

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Detailed Description

IP4 header. Cfr. RFC 791

Definition at line 31 of file Header.h.

Public Types

enum  type {

Public Member Functions

void computeAndSetChecksum ()
void dump ()
void dumpRaw ()
uint16 getChecksum ()
uint32 getDestAddress ()
int getHeaderLength ()
int getHeaderType ()
uint16 getIPId ()
uint8 getProtocol ()
uint32 getSourceAddress ()
uint8 getToS ()
uint16 getTotalLength ()
uint8 getTTL ()
 IP4Header (const uint8 *data, int length, int offset)
 IP4Header ()
void pack (uint8 *data, int length, int offset)
void packPseudo (uint16 dgram_len, uint8 *data, int length, int offset)
void setChecksum (uint16 chk)
void setDestAddress (uint32 address)
void setIPId (uint16 id)
void setProtocol (const char *protocol_name)
void setProtocol (uint8 protocol)
void setSourceAddress (const char *address)
void setToS (uint8 tos)
void setTotalLength (uint16 length)
void setTTL (uint8 ttl)
 ~IP4Header ()

Private Attributes

uint8 * header
int header_len

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