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ICMPReply Class Reference

#include <Reply.h>

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Detailed Description

This class hold an ICMP message. Three types of Reply are usefull:

Definition at line 60 of file Reply.h.

Public Types

enum  reply_type {
 Type of a reply.

Public Member Functions

void addHeader (Header *h)
void dump ()
void dumpRaw ()
HeadergetHeader (int index)
int getID ()
int getID2 ()
int getID3 ()
int getIPId ()
uint32 * getMPLSLabelStack ()
int getMPLSNbrLabels ()
uint8 getMPLSTTL ()
int getNbrHeaders ()
uint32 getOriginalDestAddress ()
int getOriginalProtocol ()
int getOriginalTTL ()
int getProcId ()
int getResetID ()
uint32 getSourceAddress ()
uint8 getTTL ()
int getType ()
 ICMPReply (const uint8 *packet, int packet_len)
bool IPOptions ()
void packData (uint8 *data, int length, int offset)
bool resetRequired ()
void setData (const uint8 *data, int length)

Static Public Member Functions

static ReplyreplyFactory (const uint8 *packet, int packet_len)

Public Attributes

uint8 * data
int data_length
int proc_id

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