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ICMPHeader Class Reference

#include <Header.h>

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Detailed Description

ICMP header. Cfr. RFC 792

Definition at line 145 of file Header.h.

Public Types

enum  type {

Public Member Functions

void dump ()
void dumpRaw ()
uint16 getChecksum ()
uint8 getCode ()
const char * getCodeDesc ()
int getHeaderLength ()
int getHeaderType ()
uint16 getIdentifier ()
uint16 getSequence ()
uint8 getType ()
const char * getTypeDesc ()
 ICMPHeader (const uint8 *data, int length, int offset)
 ICMPHeader ()
void pack (uint8 *data, int len, int offs)
void setChecksum (uint16 checksum)
void setCode (uint8 code)
void setIdentifier (uint16 id)
void setSequence (uint16 seq)
void setType (uint8 type)

Private Attributes

uint8 * header
int header_len

Static Private Attributes

static const char * code_desc_exceeded []
static const char * code_desc_unreachable []
static const char * type_desc []

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