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Datagram Class Reference

#include <Datagram.h>

Inheritance diagram for Datagram:

Probe Reply ICMPProbe TCPProbe UDPProbe ICMPReply TCPReply

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Detailed Description

This class implements a datagram. A datagram consist in up to 8 headers and some data.

Each header is represented by the instantiation of the class Header. The data is represented by an array.

Definition at line 14 of file Datagram.h.

Public Member Functions

void addHeader (Header *h)
 Datagram ()
virtual void dump ()=0
HeadergetHeader (int index)
int getNbrHeaders ()
void packData (uint8 *data, int length, int offset)
void setData (const uint8 *data, int length)
virtual ~Datagram ()

Public Attributes

uint8 * data
int data_length

Private Attributes

Header ** headers
int nbr_headers

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